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iPoster Call for Abstracts

iPoster and Proposal Critique Sessions
The Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA)
38th Annual National Convention
July 23-30, 2017 ♦ Oasis of the Seas

Clinical, Leadership, and Research Abstracts
***NEW this year: Dialogue with Researchers: Proposal Critique Session***

PNAA invites you to submit your completed clinical, leadership, or research projects for presentation. We also want to invite Masters and Doctoral students to submit an abstract of their thesis, capstone or dissertation proposal for a Dialogue with Researchers: a Proposal Critique Session.


All accepted abstracts and proposals will be presented via oral (plenary) presentation on Thursday, July 27, 2017 from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM. Each presenter will be given 5-7 minutes to present their abstract. For the proposal critique session, presenters will be given 15 minutes.

Deadline – April 1, 2017

Abstract Notification – All authors will be notified via email of abstract status for submissions no later than April 30, 2017. Please make sure you email address is correct and up-to-date.

Submission Format — All abstracts must be emailed to saria.marlon@att.net.

Registration and MembershipThis year’s convention will be on board Royal Carribean’s Oasis of the Seas. While you do not have to be a member of PNAA, you must attend the convention to submit an abstract.

For more information, send an e-mail to
Marlon Garzo Saria, PhD, RN, AOCNS, FAAN at



The referees will use the following specific criteria when reviewing abstracts. Make sure you cover all the headings mentioned below.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice:

Background: Describe the significance of the problem you are addressing in your research or evidence-based practice project.
Purpose: Clearly state the aim of the research or evidence-based practice project.
Design: For research, state the study design using appropriate terminology (e.g., pretest-posttest study design, descriptive, qualitative, quasi-experimental, experimental, etc.). For evidence-based practice projects, specify that this was an evidence-based practice project and identify the EBP model utilized.
Methods: For research, describe the setting, participants/subjects, data collection and data analysis procedures, as applicable. For research, also include the IRB approval. For evidence-based practice projects, describe how articles were identified and appraised for their quality and level of evidence.
Results: For research, present qualitative and/or quantitative findings. For evidence-based practice projects, specify the number of articles appraised, describe article findings, and provide details on article's study quality and level of evidence.
Conclusions: Synthesize study results. Describe the implications of findings.

Project/Best Practices:

Brief description of the undertaking/best practice, including the approach, methods, or process used Outcomes achieved/documented (provide data)
Conclusions, emphasizing implications for clinical or educational practices, and recommendations for research or future undertakings


Important Information

Only those submissions which fully comply with the instructions will be reviewed. All completed applications received by the deadline will be independently and blindly reviewed by an APRN and doctorally-prepared panel. Selection of abstracts for presentation at the annual conference will be based on scientific merit.

Abstract Format

  • Complete Abstracts will be uploaded in Word (.doc) file format.
  • Length/Format: The abstract shall not exceed 400 words (exclusive of abstract title, authors, and references) on a one page, single-sided document.
  • Margins: You can use any of the pre-set margins in your word processing document. Standard Default is: Top: 1”; Bottom: 1”; Left: 1”; Right: 1”.
  • Type Styles: Use letter quality, 12-point size type, Times New Roman.
  • Titles: Abstract titles should be centered and may not exceed 10 words.
  • Authors: If there is only one author, center the author’s name, degree(s), title, department, organization, city, and state under the title of the paper. The first author listed MUST BE the presenting author. If there are three or more authors, list all the names with the same information requested above. Do not abbreviate and do not include zip code or telephone number. You may include your email address if you would like readers to be able to contact you about your paper. ALL individuals involved in the study must be listed.
  • Grant: If the study was supported in full or in part by a grant, cite the grant number and granting organization at the end of the abstract. In addition, for symposium presentations, cite the grant number and granting organization for any papers supported in full or in part by a grant.
  • References: References are optional. If references are included, use APA format.

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