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Newly Inducted NCR Chapter Executive Board Members for 2016-2018

April 2, 2015 – PNAIN EB Induction

President – Karleen McGill
Vice President – Chuchi Esteleydes
Secretary – Matilde Upano
Treasurer – Eleanore Wilson
Asst. Treasurer – Susie Quintia
Auditor – Ma. Leah Chua

Board Members:
Daisy Blythe
Nenita dela Cruz
Pressy Freeman
Shelley Gaviola
Josie Jimenez
Gilda Lauchli

Executive Director – Redd Knotts

Advisory Council:
Emma Tolentino
Felgrace James
Josie Jimenez
Matilde Upano
Elena de Jesus
Manelita Dayon

Legal Adviser – Atty E. Franco Upano
Accounting Consultant – Brent Wilson

April 15, 2015 – PNAGKC EB Induction

President - Anna Liza Dewhurst
President-Elect - Luz Conde
Vice President - Babette Orlich
Secretary - Irma Labre-Wright
Assistant Secretary - Leila Busch
Treasurer - Mary Aragon
Assistant Treasurer - Lourdes Batocabe
Public Relations Officer - Cora Zamora
Auditor - Emma Florentino

Board Members:
Jessamine Endaya
Yollie Endaya
Arvin Figueroa
Rizvend Pecana
Elizabeth Rosas
Sonia Tumanutn

April 23, 2015 – PNAM EB Induction

President – Maria Wolfinbarger
Pres. Elect – Trinie Alair
Vice President – Grace Ramirez
Secretary – Victoria Bryan
Asst. Secretary – Victoria Atillo
Treasurer – Shirley Cristobal
Asst. Treasurer – Carmelita Meitzler
Auditor – Corazon Gabarda
P.R.O. - Eden De Ramos
Business Manager – Teresita Covacha
Asst. Business manager – Eduardo Carpena

Board Members:
Remy Doctor
Corazon Galinato
Hilda Kittinger
Reglita Laput
Ellen Laboga
Nina McCauley
Lenny Navarra
Sally Pablo

Advisory Council:
Sonia Montano
Theresa Alzate-Cabanilla
Martha Cabarios
Amy Rizvold
Remedios Solarte
Carmen Villanueva
Aniceta Vista

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the newly installed officers of the NCR chapters PNA Indiana, PNA Greater Kansas City and PNA Michigan! We thank all of them for their willingness to serve our beloved organization, the PNAA!

For the past Presidents, Mattie Upano, Jessamine Endaya and Sonia Montano – thank you so much for your dedicated services to your chapters and PNAA! You all helped in strengthening the North Central Region and making us more visible not only within PNAA but also in our states and communities. Your continuous engagement and mentoring of our new chapter leaders will ensure our viability as an organization.

Long live the NCR, long live the PNAA!!!

Bessie E. Schiroky
NCR RVP, 2014-2016

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